About Us



Is a totally new concept designed to provide an all-purpose home services network and outlet.

We're builders, contractors and suppliers who sell and rent homes, but we offer so much more. 

Seasoned Construction and Real Estate Development Professionals

Centered in the Lake Wallenpaupack region, we understand those who vacation here, buy homes here or already own homes here need a wide range of services that most builders, contractors and real estate companies cannot supply.

Our Aim

To create a site where you can buy a new vacation home, rent a vacation home and find contractors to fully maintain your home.

Buying, Renting, Fixing, Or Building Your Home

Whether you are looking for a new home in the greater Wallenpaupack region, a short or long term rental or construction services we can provide them for you through our companies.

Our Goal

To be the first place you go whatever home service it is that you need. 

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